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Live Events & Installations
Planning Stage
Planning Stage
Technicians at Work
On Site Visits

Senior technical advisers can visit your venue or site to provide better insight into the right path for your project.

CAD Design with stage lighting and plan
Pre-Project Planning

From small venues permanent upgrades to arena shows, Empire Stages has experience creating clean, concise paperwork and designs, enabling pre-production and set up to run smoothly.

3D Modelling

At Empire Stages, we can create 3D Renderings and Fly through presentations, always impressing any clients of ours and yours, allowing for everyone to truly visualise and appreciate the finished product's potential.

Execution Stage
Truss in arena, stage design, large scale event, sporting
On Site Build and Integration

Implementing our designs into the real world takes a team of hard working and dedicated individuals. Empire Stages, along with partners, has over 15 years of experience executing our visions into a reality.

sound, audio, technician, mixer, lighting, sound, faders, console
Technical Operators

Having the right people on site can be the difference between an event's success and failure.

With an international pool of operators, you can be reassured of a smoothly run production with various skills and disciplines in Lighting, Video and Audio.

Stage Performance Lighting, Truss, stage design
Production Management

Co-ordination between departments is essential to running a successful event. 

We provide seasoned professionals to run shows of all sizes, calling cues and executing show timings to perfection.

English, Arabic and Hindi speaking Production Managers available.

Other Services
Lighting Maintenance, lighting technician, lighting rig, lighting design, live evnets, concerts

Equipment breaks. At least without the care and respect it is due.

We can visit your installed project to maintain and clean faulty gear with visits on a reoccurring time period of your choosing.

Training, education, AV teacher, presentation
Technical Support and Training

Often technical and production companies will leave you with your equipment after it is installed and you will never hear from them again. 


Equipment needs care and staff change so we know you need regular visits for maintenance and training.

Performer hire in Dubai, singer, musician
Talent Search

Given our time in the live music scene, we have a very large and varied list of talented musicians and performers that if required for your event, we can recommend and contact on your behalf.

Post Project Services


A fresh face in the industry but with over 18 years of working in the live events sector, Empire Stages wishes to bring a new style of business to the region of the GCC.

Founded in 2019, we have already worked extensively in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Our Ethic of working with our clients from the planning stage to the final stages and beyond is what we hope will differentiate us from the competition in the region.

Technical staff, corporate events



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